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Sermon and Prayers

Sermons are broadcast as part of Online Video Worship. These can be viewed by following the Links in the ‘Worship’ section on the Home Page. Mannofield Church Sermons – Mannofield Parish Church

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Some of Keith’s  Older Sermons can be found on https://revkeithblog.wordpress.com

Christ be behind me

Lord, I commit my failures as well as my successes into your hands, and I bring for your healing the people and the situations ,the wrongs and the hurts of the past.
Give me courage, strength and generosity to let go and move on, leaving the past behind me and living the present to the full.
Lead me always to be positive as I entrust the past to your mercy, the present to your love,
and the future to your providence. St Augustine

From the prayer web-site of the De La Salle Brothers www.prayingeachday.org

May God bless the people who shape us and the values that make us, the journeys we make and the paths that we take.

Pray Now 2013 Contributed by Mannofield Church Bible Study Group

Give us, O Lord, a steadfast heart, which no unworthy affection may drag downwards; give us an unconquered heart, which no tribulation can wear out; give us an upright heart, which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside. Bestow upon us also, O Lord our God, understanding to know you, diligence to seek you, wisdom to find you, and a faithfulness that may finally embrace you; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Thomas Aquinas