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Alpha Course/Alpha Plus Courses

Monday Evenings at Café Connect, Mannofield in 2024.

Starting on 22nd January 2024, we are offering two courses:
• The Alpha Course
• The Apprentice Series – The Good & Beautiful Life

Each evening starts at 7pm in Café Connect with a meal together, then each course
continues separately. The evening finishes around 9pm. Everyone is welcome, and there is
no charge. Alpha runs for 10 weeks with an ‘away-day’ planned for Saturday 2nd March 2024.

You can find out more from Anne or Alan Thompson or the Church Office Contact Mannofield Church on 01224 310087 or Mail@thompsonaberdeen.com, or call 01224 681384.

The Apprentice Series

THE GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL LIFE is the second book in the Apprentice Series
and each chapter includes a ‘soul-training’ exercise to help embed Jesus’ narratives into our minds, bodies and souls, along with questions that can be used for discussion.

You can find out more from the Church Office on 01224 310087